The Developing Discipline Challenge

The Developing Discipline Challenge

A free 5-day devotional challenge designed to help you partner with the Holy Spirit to eliminate excuses & develop discipline.

The Developing Discipline Devotional Challenge is a free 5 day devotional challenge to help you eliminate excuses and partner with the Holy Spirit to develop discipline. Each day you will receive a devotional message along with a journaling & prayer prompt and a challenge to help you finally develop discipline in your life. You'll also receive a free mini journaling workbook where you can record your thoughts and prayers throughout the challenge. 

During This Free 5-Day Devotional Challege You Will Learn:

  • How to accept the Holy Spirit's correction, instruction and guidance to develop discipline
  • How to overcome excuses, laziness, and procrastination by welcoming responsibility and making the most out of every opportunity
  • How to exchange willpower and self-effort for self-control and a sound mind
  • How to push past the pain and discomfort of developing discipline
  • How to apply biblical and self-help principles to develop discipline
  • The tools & res&urces needed to sustain you in journey to becoming disciplined

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