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A library full of free resources designed to help you fashion a purpose-driven life that you and love God.

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Checklists & Scripture Guides

Hold yourself accountable by downloading checklists & Scriptures guides created to keep your mind, soul, & spirit in check with your purpose & God's Word.


Whether you want to identify your passions, uncover your purpose, or increase your focus, the Resource Closet has you covered with downloadable self-coaching worksheets.


These workbooks were designed to help you fashion a purpose-driven life. Learn how to cast down negative thoughts, overcome self-doubt, balance your God-given purpose, set purpose-driven goals and much more through the self-guided coaching available in these mini-workbooks.

What Others Are Saying...


So Resourceful!

"I LOVE Life Designer Unversity and that Janelle ALWAYS points back to Jesus and what the Word says. I love it. Life Designer University has also been helpful for me starting my own blog and the resources that I can start with while being intentional. I was like whew! That's convicting, haha! 

- Zuleika, GraceAndMercyFree


Inspiring & Empowering

"Janelle is a tremendous resource for purpose-driven Christian women! It is without exaggeration that I say everything she touches is gold. She has a knack for creating resources that are not only easy to put to use but inspiring and empowering!" 

- Kristin, Relevant Entrepreneur

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